How can I get healthy skin in summer

Since the scorching summer season affects the skin, which is worth taking care of, change your skincare routine to look your best during the hot summer months, keeping in mind what the skin needs.

How can I get healthy skin in summer

The skin may not dry out as easily as in the winter, but it still needs care, to deal with the sun's rays and the effects of sunscreen lotions, and it is important in this season not to neglect cleaning and moisturizing to avoid the appearance of pimples.

How Can I Get Healthy Skin in Summer (7 Ways To Follow)

Face Cleaning

Wash the face with a gentle face wash four times a day, preferably the gel type, unless the skin is very dry when using a cream facial cleanser.

It is preferable to clean the skin by going to specialists to clean the skin once a month, in order to relax the skin and clean the pores, to get rid of skin sensitivity, as the production of oil on the skin increases in the summer, which leads to clogging of the pores and this leads to skin problems.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen must be used half an hour before exposure to the sun, and reapplied during daylight hours, especially if exposure to the sun is between eleven in the morning and three in the evening because the sun’s rays are strong at that time.

An important tip that must be taken into account is to protect your skin from the sun's rays, if you do not do this, it causes you to age the skin quickly and increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation also advises that daily use of SPF 15 can reduce a person's risk of skin cancer by 50 percent and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by about 40 percent. It also protects your skin from premature aging. 

Therefore, before buying a sunscreen, you must confirm that the product has a sticker that shows the method of use, and also protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. But there are dermatologists who have another opinion, including Dr. Barry Goldman, a physician certified by the New York City Board of Directors, that both types of UV rays contribute to the development of skin cancer.

Use a Face Toner

The use of toner keeps the pores of the skin closed, and cools the skin, so you should use the appropriate toner for your skin type, or use rose water, which has skin cooling properties.

When the weather is hot, do not rinse your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water because your body is going through a natural moisturizing process that retains water in the skin. All you have to do is use dry wipes from the water.

Use a Skin Moisturizer

Soft drinks should be avoided because they contain sugar, which is bad for the skin, so you should drink fresh juices because they keep the skin moist, for example, coconut water, watermelon, and fresh fruit juice.

And certainly, water, drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day, which helps to expel the toxins from the body. Also, include yogurt and yogurt in your diet. To maintain soft and healthy skin.

Exfoliate For Healthy Skin

Exfoliating the skin twice a week, and if the skin is oily, it can be peeled 2-3 times a week, to get rid of dead skin, darkening, promote blood circulation, renew skin cells, and keep the skin smooth and clear.

Keep in mind that exfoliating more than once or twice a week can lead to tightening and cracking of your skin. Never exfoliate sunburned skin.

Avoid Make-up and Heavy Creams

Make-up and creams are heavy and prevent the skin from breathing. Humidity and heat also affect the skin's ability to breathe.

Daily eye cream is heavy in summer, so it can be replaced with a light eye cream, intensive use at night only, lips should be protected as well as a protective lip balm.

It is very necessary to remove makeup in the evening, using a BB cream with a light makeup remover, then rinse the face with a gentle cleanser or wash with a light glycolic. Next, apply a light, fragrance-free moisturizer.

Oily Skin Care in The Summer

There are several things that must be taken into account to take care of oily skin in the summer, including:

a)Do not rub the skin harshly when peeling, because the fats produced by the skin keep the skin moisturized and protect it from irritation, and use a gentle alcohol-free skin cleanser.

b)Frequent washing of the face stimulates the production of oil during the summer months, so it is possible to wash the face only twice a day and to use a cleanser containing salicylic acid once a week.

c)Do not touch the face, with your hands, so that the skin does not become oily.

d)Using a toner of astringent quality for pores, and an astringent solution can be mixed in an equal quantity with rose water and kept in the refrigerator, and the use of moisturizers and cleansers that contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid, niacin amide, caffeine, and washing and caring for the face using these products once or twice a day.

e)Eating foods that contain vitamin A, because it makes the skin naturally oily, and is necessary for the process of regenerating skin cells, and it can be taken through nutritional supplements, or by eating carrots, spinach, watermelon, and fish.

f)Exfoliating the skin once a week, fruits, cucumbers, and lemons can be added to make a natural home scrub; Because it suits oily skin more.

Dry Skin Care in Summer

There are several things that must be taken into account to take care of dry skin during the summer months because this skin can crack, itch, and Exfoliating, including:

a)Avoid showering with hot water, showering for a short period of time, and use soap suitable for dry skin and free of perfume.

b)Use a moisturizer after cleaning the skin with a mild cleanser, preferably containing ceramides, and not exfoliate the skin harshly because it causes irritation to dry skin.

Care for Combination Skin in the Summer

Combination skin is usually oily in the area of the forehead, nose and chin called the T-zone, and the rest of the skin is dry, so it is difficult to find products specifically for this type of skin that also suffers during the summer.

Secretion of fat in oily areas must be controlled, and dry areas must be moisturized, so you can try some home mixtures that take care of this type of skin, such as a mixture of honey, milk, and rose water, because honey is a natural moisturizer, and milk softens and moisturizes the skin, and rose water controls the secretion of fat It refreshes the skin and protects it from the sun's rays. It is applied in the following way:


  • A tablespoon of honey.
  • A tablespoon of yogurt.
  • A tablespoon of rose water.

How to prepare:

  • Mix the ingredients and apply them evenly to the skin.
  • a mask is left on the skin for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash the skin with normal water.

Sensitive Skin Care in Summer

Sensitive skin is the most difficult and difficult type of skin to take care of. Because of its irritation from several factors, such as using skin care products that do not fit the body or going out in the sun causes redness, and the reaction of this skin ranges between slight and severe.

it is preferable to use some natural materials on sensitive skin. Like natural honey because it heals the skin naturally or spreads it with banana because it soothes skin irritation.


To maintain a bright complexion and ensure good health by taking good care of your skin. All this is through a natural diet program or a simple natural treatment in order to get glowing skin.

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